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♥ NU'EST ♥ BTOB ♥ EXO ♥ B.A.P ♥ KPOP ♥

A fan of mine made this picture for me! :) Awww :”) Thank you <33

- Lia


[IMPORTANT] CALLING OUT THE CUBE ENTERTAINMENT FANDOMS. This is extremely important, please read and retweet or reblog.

Some of you might already know, Hong Seungseong who is the CEO of cube entertainment was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig disease, which unfortunately has no cure. It’s a disease that affects nerve cells and is characterized by a rapidly progressive weakness, it keeps progressing until it results to death. The progression of the disease can only be slowed down with medication, but there is currently no cure for it. The median survival from the time of diagnosis is three to five years. About 10 percent of ALS patients can live 10 years or more. Survival beyond 20 years is rare. Father Hong kept it a secret for himself, and went everyday to work, even having problems moving, swallowing, and breathing.

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I just found this picture on Facebook!!! :O Whuuuuuttt?!!
He really said that?? Jinjja?! Jinjja?! ^^ Wahh~ 대박! 고마워요, 은광오빠! ^___^

He said this on Episode 10 on KPOP STAR HUNT 2.
Watch it here:

나는 무대에서 BTOB을 수행 한 후 이 사진을 했다.~^^ ♥
(I took this picture after performing on stage with them.~^^)
BTOB 창섭, 은광 그리고 숭재^^* ♥
(BTOB ChangSeob, EunKwang & SungJae^^*)

The day for the mission of the KPOP STAR HUNT SEASON 2 Top 8!!! :)

Hi, guys! It’s ME! Admin LiaLovesHunHan ツ!

Sorry if I left tumblr for a month it’s because I went to Seoul, Korea for a Reality TV Show Contest (KPOP STAR HUNT S2).

This is ME and BTOB SungJae & EunKwang when we met ^^ I met all the BTOB members but wasn’t able to take pictures with them all :’( But I my bias, MinHyuk is really kind and very haaannnddsssoooommmeee and cuuuuttteee ^____^

I was given a chance to have a training with them in Cube and also have a duet with them! :))) <3 

You can watch KPOP STAR HUNT S2 in Channel M every Saturday 10PM.

Hahaha XD
So what’s yours???

LOL XD Who likes MINRON here?



LOL xD Cute Baek Ho and the puppy ^__^ Me likey!! :) [x]




Ren & Min Hyun really looks so cute & beautiful if they were a girl.

But anyway, Ren is always pretty even without editing this XDD


Made by: LiaLovesHunHan.tumblr :) 

Who want to hug MINHYUN?? xDD

Me @ the beach yesterday :)

Just writing the name of my ultimate bias :))

Min Hyun of Nu’est 뉴이스트 ♥

LOL~ I made this! ^__^ Enjoy! XP

I'm an ultimate & forever L.O./\.E :)
I'm also a MELODY, BABY and EXOTIC!
I also love HYUNA and BEAST^^
I'm forever a SONE, BLACKJACK & ELF :) I love all the KPOP Groups! :)) ♥

I'm a 15 year old aspirant singer/actress. I want to meet all my KPOP bias! Especially MINHYUN of NU'EST who made me fell in love for the first time in my life! Ugh, I can't explain how much I love him. XD

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